Daniel K Hopkins (born February 24th 1992), also known as Dan Dipso, is a rapper/singer/producer from Cincinnati, Ohio.


The word “Dipso” had come from an old English term used to describe a town drunk, but took on its own meaning for Dan Dipso as a word that represents a free-spirited personality & fearless lifestyle.


Dan Dipso begain writing rhymes and poetry at a young age, and has been releasing music since 2008, and is a former member of teenage rap sensation “College Prep”, recording hundreds of songs as a member of the group before his debut as a solo artist.


Now with 4 full-length solo releases, Dan Dipso has a current sound that remains raw and unpredictable, but with hints of influences in hip-hop, gangsta rap, emo, metal, and r&b


These days, Dan stays focused on perfecting his sound, creating new music, and growing with the world. There is no telling where this will go, if anywhere. As long as the music is being made, you can expect it to sound new, telling his story as it unfolds. As life changes, so will the art.  This man is not the same as he always was, and definitely not the same as anyone else you know.


Just listen.

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